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Build, Expand, Automate, and Optimize your own fantasy village in the wilderness using marble-run chutes, railways, running water, magic currents, and conveyor belts.

Or, build a log-powered mechanical calculator using logic switches, physical gates, and detectors.

Factory Town is Town Builder/Factory Simulation where you guide a wide array of construction and consumer goods through production chains, trying to maximize efficiency and output while keeping your townfolk happy.

Official Discord serverhttps://discord.gg/Gyv3NKJ

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(42 total ratings)
AuthorErik Asmussen
GenreSimulation, Strategy
Made withUnity
TagsCity Builder, Economy, Management, Sandbox
Average sessionA few hours
LinksSteam, Community
Mentionsitch.io Recommends: the internet, music...


Buy Now$20.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $20 USD. Your purchase comes with a Steam key. You will get access to the following files:

factory-town-win.zip 197 MB
Version 204
factory-town-osx.zip 196 MB
Version 200


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This isn't quite a bug, but when I'm loading a game, I have to click on the savefile and then click on the 'Load' button. Double-clicking on the savefile should work too.


Just sayin, revive New World: Colony


I can pick up full games on steam for a fiver and you want £15 for an EARLY ACCESS game? Please! If you lowered the price I would pay it. There is no aim to this game except to keep building and unlocking. Once you finish the tutorial there is nothing to keep you playing except unlocking new things. Once you get all the mana temples what then? I there even an ending. Sorry, make it a fiver and i'd pay.


haha poorfag

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Now 20 $


Can I get the key to this game? I will definitely shoot this video on YouTube

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Are you not keeping the Itch.io version up to date?  The Steam version is up to .121 now.  But the version listed here is .117. 


I did get a response from the developer over at the Steam forums.  Apparently the version numbers itch.io use don't match up to the ones Steam is using, but the game is in fact up-to-date here on itch.  I can confirm this is the case as the in-game version number on my purchased itch.io install is indeed the latest!  


Linux build? I'd buy it if it came out for linux, as I've heard it doesn't work the greatest with wine.

If it came out for linux 32 bit, than I would try to buy it.


The game certainly has a lot of potential. As a new player, i find it very uncomfortable, though, and have to trial and error to find out, how things work, much too often.

Please add more tooltips, about what each building and structure can and does, and how they are used correctly and properly...



Will there be a linux build for this, too?

Really interesting game. Upvote right now!


Is there a demo available anywhere to try the game before buying it?

Can you please update the MacOS Version?

Just updated the itchio builds!

Thanks :D


Any plans to release this on consoles like the Nintendo Switch? This is a really fun game and I would love to play it there as well :)

I agree big time. I have one so that wold be amaaaaaazing.


wtf why did we support this game by buying a beta key for 24 euro when the early acces ( pretty name for beta key ) on steam is only 16.79 euro? feel kinda ripped off without us beta key buyers it would never even have been on steam


Do you not believe in supporting games earlier by paying more into it and getting a bit more play time? Cuz that's how prices for games work. Over time things get cheaper, sales let more people get the game, and you still have had more play time than anyone else.


this is exactly why pirate sites stay up . beta games are for testing and giving feedback to the developer so they dont need to PAY employers to do the testing . these days WE the gamers have to PAY for TESTING nothing to do with playtime. supporting games that are great i dont have a problem with , what i DO have a problem with is PAYING MORE to be a betatester so the regular gamers that dont give a shit about testing that PAY to play a game. have a lot less of a buggy game for less MONEY


What does this have to do with more playing time? I see it just like Wackoamd1. The same price as in the beta is ok but not over 10% cheaper on Steam. I have no problem helping someone for a good game in my eyes. I find it just strange that 500 people finance the game so that someone can finish a game to then distribute it to the masses cheaper. With 10000 one finances so that someone can complete his play in peace and thereby earns even more. He has earned his success but a beta tester should have a small advantage and not a disadvantage.


Hi! I'm really sorry about this - I didn't intentionally change pricing or try to deceive anyone, it's just that Steam has default regional pricing adjustments that I enabled by default. This means that the $20 USD beta, which was $20 USD when launched into early access, resulted in different regional prices. Itchio doesn't have that feature, AFAIK. 

So my plan wasn't to charge beta purchasers more, and if it was, I definitely would have let people know. I guess I just forgot about this regional difference. Hopefully the game is worthwhile, and that the earlier peek & ability to provide formative feedback made up for the extra cost.


That's not really how this should work. Mainly for the reason that SO MANY early access games just disappeared after making enough money during pre-alpha. Happy to pay $5 for EA and test the game and give feedback. But if you pay full price and the game is in alpha or beta for a year that's not really cool. Would also be happy to pay $5 for EA and then full price on release. But you don't get to play the game "more" as most feature are not even included or games are buggy before release.

Again: Happy to support indie games but charging full price for alpha or even pre-alpha is a bit ridiculous


You know what Qramf, this game is worth so much more than what is being charged & as far as early access/betas being free (although there are a few that are) most aren't because the developers (in this case they're is only 1 developer & they need support. If you're that upset don't play it. There's plenty of others who will gladly pay for it, especially when you have a developer busting his ass, constantly adding features, fixing buugs and replying to people. He's very present & engaged so I respect the hell out of him & his dedication. So stop bitching, nothing in life is free.


Did you even read? I supported quite a few games paying "full price". And then those games just died. So I paid for a not even nearly finished game and was never able to play the full version.
I'm not bitching. I also don't care if someone's "downvoting" me. That's actually bitching...


Hi, developer here - I'm a bit confused because people who purchased an early copy of the game on Itchio got a Steam key, as well as all future updates within Itchio, so is there some technical issue that is preventing you from being able to play the full version?

Welcome to the  capitalist utopia, comrade!

Wir es dieses Spiel auch in Deutscher Sprache geben ? 

Die Übersetzung ist grade dabei zu entstehen, also ja :-)

Das ist ja super das Game gefällt mir sehr gut nur ich kann kein Englisch :)


Is it even possible to download this game to give it a try?

I see no download button.


'keys are sold out' just wait until 12th of March(this month)

Thanks :)\

et t'il prevu une version francaise ? merci 

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Absolutly amazing game! The state of the game is far ahead of the average early access titles on steam. 

I am sorry that I have no bugs to report for the beta :-).

Thanks and keep on!

Campaign would be great.

Erik I just want to ask you if I can buy a beta key?

Keys are sold out for now - have to wait until it comes out on Steam...


arnt keys just digital? its not a physical copy so it cant be "sold out" simply because its digital so u can always make more say no if u mean no

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If that were the case then nothing could ever be sold out, digital or otherwise, because you could just make more or wait for more to be delivered from the manufacturer:

Store: "Oh, we're sold out of apple juice right now."

Customer: "Don't tell me that, you can order more or the orchard owner can pick some more apples, press them and make more juice, and then ship it here.  So you can't be sold out..."

Sold out simply means no longer available.




When selling a limited number of keys, once all those keys you are selling are sold, they are sold out of keys.

Deleted 4 years ago

Hi Erik, how do I download the game? It looks just so awesome and I don't know how to download it pls help. Have you done this game by your self? If you have I want to say I am impressed!!

Within the first 5 minutes of the game, it crashed. I know it's beta, but in the first five minutes?

Can you join the Discord and post your crash log? I haven't seen many crashes like this before, could use more info. thanks!

Hey Erik.  First, thank you for responding. I usually just play games, I don't like to complain. In saying that, I don't know where the crash log is. After it crashed,  I got frustrated and shut down everything. Where can I find the log?

Sorry to be so ignorant.

No worries, I know that game crashes are super frustrating. 

The file I'm looking for is C:\Users[your name]\AppData\LocalLow\82 Apps\Factory Town\output_log.txt. Can you either pastbin it, or hop over to the Discord and send it to me via PM? My name is at the top-right of the discord channel under 'Erik'

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The game is working great so far. Is there a way to change the UI scaling? It'a a little difficult to read the icons and text. But, there has not been any bugs so far on my end.

E: I found the UI scaling. 

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is there a troublehooting? ^^

ive got a gigabyte r9 390 (AMD Radeon (TM) R9 390 Series  (8 GB))...

everytime i start the game, the gpu is running on 100%, the temperature is growing up, until last time my computer shuts down due too high temperatures, while the game was running.


When in Settings the Option Framerate is set Unlimited, the GPU-Usage is just growing until 100%.
When i change to 30 Fps, the load of the gpu changes to 5-10%, wich i should expect with  my hardware.

I like your Game Erik, this is why i bought it in the early times.
Hope i could help you ;-), so dont hurry to contact me, if u need more informations^^

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I am running this game on Linux; I can confirm it works nice with wine, you just need to make sure that dxvk and core-fonts are installed. (tested on v52)

Nice game :) already lovin it.

Please, would it be possible to let us re-read the tutorial/mission  texts? A text search in the files did not help.  

I think I missed some and I hate that :D.

could you just start a new game and read it there, the tutorial takes about 5 minutes , might be an easy workaround

how can i update ? i have 61b :(

I think you should re-download? But I don't know about savegame compatibility.

Yeah thank you a lot:)

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I love this game.  Ive been playing strategy games since the first sim city and civ games over 20 years ago. This game has something very new. Revolutionary.  There is no time element.  There are no dates.  It doesn't matter if you take your time to get things right, That makes it so much more relaxing than anything Ive played in a long time.  It is pure fun just to try things.  Thank you for something completely different. I can't wait to see the final version, even though this current version is more than acceptable.


I find the game very cool and games for several days and it's always fun, even though I'm already far.

Man never learns out man can always optimize something.

The developer really tries and I can recommend the game to everyone.

Hugh.... I'm just a fellow 9 year old that likes to play automation games and has enough money to buy them but my mum won't get me them because they are time consuming apparently.

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I just purchased the game. I like the graphic style and the gameplay seems like a lot of fun. I enjoy building games so I am sure I am going to have hours of fun with this one.  Wishing you lots of success in the new year with this game. It has so much potential.



Wow 20 dollars is a lot for just beta access. Would love to play it, but that's too much money

It really isn't that bad all things considered. Look at it this way you get to play it now and a steam key when your done which by that point this game might be selling for $50. It's worth it if you like games like factorio and other management style games.

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It might be worth considering that Factorio is built upon a custom engine – which I consider a significant advantage – that runs flawlessly and natively on Mac and Linux, is a lot more polished, and retailed for around 20-ish USD the last time I looked…

I’d happily pay the current price if there were a native Linux client, but for something that may or may not work today in Wine, with no guarantees it’ll continue working tomorrow as well, I’ll just pass on this one for now.

It’s on my watch list, and I’ll follow its progress.

This game is fantastic

The best ! :)

Where do you report bugs? Not sure if this is a bug but I placed a building on top of a worker and the worker disappeared probably under the building.

The Discord is a great place for this! https://discord.gg/Gyv3NKJ


Deleted 3 years ago
Deleted 3 years ago

Hi I'm from an upcoming news site, we want to review lonelythings for our launch articles! Please contact me at willgoad(at)btinternet(dot)com and we can discuss interviews and reviews :D


... with this game .. Devs don't respond ... never :))))


I'm waiting always the free beta key :) so ...


Nice work, looks pretty good so far :D

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